Scarrette's Plaza Cinema Inc. Spotlight

Dave Scarrette, owner of Scarrette's Plaza Cinema Inc., cares about every person who walks through his businesses' doors. Working for Dave doing rebranding, new logo design, and creating a new website, further confirmed how important it is for a smaller business to stay up-to-date with their website and image. Dave had established a fairly consistent consumer base after being in business for over 13 years in Radford, VA, but what his customers really enjoyed was the facelift we provided. Everything they loved about Scarrette's became more visually appealing and easy to find.

Dave knew he needed an updated website; his previous one was 10 years out-dated. When I suggested Nineteen54 do the work, insisting he would be satisfied with the end product and intuitive controls that come with a new Squarespace site, he eagerly took our offer. The end result couldn't have been better. Numerous customers commented on Scarrette's Facebook page about how much they loved the new design of the site and their new website was covered by Radford University's news and events.


Summary of the design process

  • The process started with taking Dave's current site content & re-working it for the new site. Matt vetted through it all, updated it & used his communication expertise to shape the overall tone of the site.
Scarrette's Plaza Cinema Inc. Spotlight - Ninteen54
  • Next came the logo design: Inspired by vintage typography and theater marquees, Ashley designed a classic, custom script that would transcend trends and stay relevant for years to come.
  • A clear direction was paving a way, so we sent one of our photographer partner's, David, from Kaitlyn Phipps Photography, over to the Scarrette's venue. He took beautiful shots of the facility, the theater and all the details associated with movie-going.
Scarrette's Plaza Cinema Inc. Spotlight - Nineteen54
Scarette's Plaza Cinema Inc. Spotlight - Nineteen54
Scarrette's Plaza Cinema Inc. Spotlight - Nineteen54
  • After the tone was set, the brand design and images were in place, we married it all together in one cohesive web site.

Overall the process was great! We enjoyed working with Dave Scarrette because helping local businesses meet their goals in an engaging and intuitive way is what we are all about. Dave was willing to learn all that we had to teach him about using Squarespace and was extremely happy with the results once the work was complete. 

Keep an eye on Scarrette's Plaza Cinema in Radford, VA, they have plans to renovate and update their building in the coming months so they can continue to share wonderful movie experiences with their local community!