Welcome to nineteen54, the year is 2015

We have big dreams for this blog! We want our site to constantly be updated, to stay fresh with new content and projects, and this blog is where all the action is gonna be!

We'll be featuring our latest project and clients here on their launch day. We'll make a big fan-fare of it because we believe a new brand launch should be celebrated! We'll also give you a glimpse into our process for each project.

We'd also like to use this space to feature tips, resources, related content, relevant articles and interviews from other creatives and local businesses!

This outlet is where we'll be a little more candid and casual, where you'll see our personality shine through. 

So here are some fun facts about us:

  • We're both parents
  • Matt used to have dreads (I helped him dread them) and now he's on a mission to pull off the unicorn of all male hairstyles: the man bun
  • I (Ashley) once won a CNN jingle writing contest & went on their live show
  • Matt has 2 different colored eyes
  • And I can't whistle
We believe in sharing, connecting and uplifting each other. We want to be a resource for small businesses to invest in a beautiful brand and online presence in order to take their business to the next level. We want to partner with other local businesses to support their mission and also connect them with people who need exactly what they're offering. We want to be an honest, transparent, hard-working company that doesn't believe in trade secrets, but does believe that a rising tide lifts all ships. We believe in community over competition.